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Mathematics at Yokine

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Yokine Primary Independent Public School is continually reviewing and developing new and exciting evidence based curriculum that will support the needs of all our students. In 2013 the initiation of the Maths Support Program was implemented in the Year 1 and 1 /2 classes and the Year 5/6 and 7 rooms. The program was so successful that it was continued in 2014 with the year 2/3 class joining the junior groups.  In 2015, the Maths Support Program has developed into a  Junior Numeracy Block (PP-Yr3) and a Senior Numeracy Block (Yr4-6).

The program is based on developing a learning curriculum that develops the critical thinking skills and strategies of students where teachers support each child at their level of understanding.  The use of instructional strategies, integrating digital technology and providing effective feedback from the teacher increases a student's capacity to think beyond the question given. Developing an inquiry learning culture supports students both academically and socially.

Parent workshops have played an important role where we are able to support parents/carers in their understanding of the curriculum being delivered and bring the relationship between home and school closer.
Working mathematically using digital technology.

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