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Yokine students learning Japanese
Language - Japanese

Japanese is taught at Yokine PS for Years 3 to 6.

日本語  にほんご

Yokine Primary school runs a new and innovative Japanese Language Program for Years 3-6. Japanese is programmed for Wednesdays and Thursdays each week.

The Japanese Language Teacher is Mrs Rebeka Dean Terry (Bek) who holds a Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) majoring in Japanese and Sociology, in addition to a Graduate Diploma of Education and LEAP (Japanese) qualification.

The Japanese language program is designed to provide students with communication skills in Japanese, including an understanding of not only the Japanese language but also the unique culture and customs of Japan and its people.  

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the need to understand meaning across cultures and languages is becoming a necessity. Language learning not only offers opportunities for communication, but also an appreciation of diversity and beliefs. In addition, students develop an understanding of their own identity, culture, values and language. Language learning has been shown to strengthen thinking skills and expand students’ horizons by providing social, personal and employment opportunities.

Students in my classes have many opportunities to speak, listen, read, write and understand Japanese, through songs, stories, practical tasks, role play, presentations and technology. 

Throughout the year, Yokine PS hosts Japanese exchange student visits, enabling our kids to meet and play with Japanese students. The students enjoy sharing games, origami, song and dance during these important days.

Japanese is taught by Mrs Terry in the students’ own classrooms. Please feel free to drop by after school on Wednesday or Thursday should you wish to know more about the Japanese program, or just to introduce yourself. 

For more information on the Japanese Curriculum, please click on the link to Western Australian Curriculum - Languages

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