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Yokine School Band

Year 1 - 6 students attend an hour long weekly session during which they are provided with a well-developed, diverse music program. For instance, beginning Year 1 students use body percussion to experience rhythm in its most simple and accessible form and learn simple songs with repetitive themes. Creativity is also developed from Year 1 as students create ‘soundscapes’ using un-tuned percussion instruments such as egg shakers. Students learn to become musically literate, such that they can read and write music with increasing complexity from Year 1 onwards. By Year 6 students are able to create their own compositions which they may write with the use of music notation software such as Musescore.

Activities in the music room range from singing, dancing and playing instruments and to responding to musical and visual representations in the industry. Collaborative learning is embedded in all aspects of the program. Students gain experience in performing through whole school activities such as band for Years 3 - 6 and choir for students from Years 2 - 6. Choir students gain a performance repertoire of at least 14 songs in any given year. All students who wish to be join the choir are welcomed, with the premise that all voices improve with practice. Band students are required to have a certain level of proficiency in their instrument in order to participate. The band plays covers of contemporary pop/rock style songs which are voted in by student consensus.

The music room is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, a well-maintained piano, many tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments including a pair of large conga drums and a class set of xylophones/ metallophones. There are visual aids in the room in the form of posters depicting fundamental principles such as the seven elements of music.  

The Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) Programme is available for selected Year 5 and 6 students to learn classical guitar, flute or clarinet. Students receive free lessons from specialist teachers during school hours but are required to buy or hire their own instrument.

2017 Event Highlights

  • Assembly performances – band, choir and IMSS performances throughout the year
  • Harmony Day – choir performance
  • ANZAC Ceremony – choir and whole school song
  • W.A. Week – whole school perform a range of dances which include families in the performance
  • Choir excursions - One Big Voice choral festival at Perth Arena and the Osborne Park Agricultural Show at Robinson Reserve
  • Incursions – a variety of musicians visit the school to entertain and educate, this year we had Kaboom Percussion ‘wow’ us with their circus-style tricks. We also had a double bass player share his expertise in the classroom.
  • Music Count Us In – the whole school sings the same song, on the same day, at the same time with the rest of the schools in Australia.
  • Talent Show – students create, audition, rehearse and perform their own items in an hour-long show.
  • Graduation ceremony – IMSS students perform in their instrument groups as ensembles.

Justine Banning, Music Teacher, Yokine Primary School.

Instrumental Music School Services

For more information about Yokine Primary School's Instrumental music click here.

Click HERE for information regarding Year 5 and 6 instrumental students.

Music Visitors

Yokine Primary School Band was very fortunate to be able to work with Ian Berney the bass guitarist from the highly successful Perth alternative rock band, Birds of Tokyo. Ian and the Yokine musicians worked on the Birds of Tokyo song Lanterns. They performed at a special Band Assembly on May 15.

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