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Vision, Purpose & Values

Our Vision

Powering lifelong learning

Our Purpose

Staff at Yokine Primary School strives to provide a safe and inclusive environment where students are supported to become resilient, confident and emotionally intelligent citizens.  This environment nurtures and promotes critical thinkers who are equipped to meet the challenges for an ever changing future being respectful of self, others and their surroundings.

Our Commitment

LINK - Proactive Partnerships

Promotion of meaningful, productive and valued relationships between parents, teachers and community members ensuring students access the best possible learning opportunities.

EDUCATE - Inclusive Curriculum and Pedagogy

Use innovative, diverse, challenging and differentiated curriculum across the school to deliver evidence based instructional strategies and skills developing resilient, creative thinkers.

DEVELOP - Beliefs for Life and Learning Environment 

Create and maintain a supportive learning environment where students feel safe, cared for, valued, and develop into resilient young individuals.

Our Staff Beliefs

  • There is a need to develop the whole child socially, academically, emotionally, creatively and physically.

  • Cultural diversity is valued and celebrated.

  • The learning environment is safe, challenging and inclusive.

  • The Yokine Primary School professional learning community develops teachers who model lifelong learning skills and work together as a team towards common goals.

  • Resilience is an important life skill that is developed and fostered in all.

  • Active Partnerships with families and the community in learning are sought after and valued.



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