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Yokine Year 5 Students
School App - FlexiBuzz

All current users of FlexiBuzz will now need to update their subscription boxes to the relevant classrooms.  It's easy to do:


For members of the school community who are registering with FlexiBuzz for the first time, please read below:

The school will be using the app to send out the school newsletter, general updates, classroom updates, reminders, events and much, much more!

The app is called tiqbiz and is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Phone, Android Tablet and any other type of device or computer via a website version.

We kindly ask that you download Flexibuzz (formerly tiqbiz) to one of these devices, register a free account then find our school and tick on the Room that apply to you.

You’ll receive all the information with a push notification – much like a text message directly to your device. Any last minute changes or reminders, we’ll be able to reach you to keep you completely informed and up-to-date.

The app has some great features that will allow us to get information through easily and quickly, you’ll be reminded about important upcoming calendar dates, and everything we post can be translated into one over 100 languages!

We’ve programmed the app to show icons that link to all of the online tools we use, so anytime you need to access one of these tools, you can do it easily via the app by clicking the icon that you need.

You will also be able to submit student absence via the app, authorised by your signature, electronically signed straight onto the screen with your finger!

We feel this fantastic community engagement tool is going to hugely improve our flow of communication and resources to you, so we very much hope you enjoy using it.

Access Code is 6060

Qkr payments can also be made through the app.



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