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Yokine Student on the friendship bench
Welcome to Yokine Primary School


Powering Lifelong Learning


To nurture and prepare our students academically, emotionally and socially so they can make a positive contribution to our community. 


LINK - Proactive Partnerships

We will promote equity and excellence, and provide students with ongoing opportunities to build their capacity to become confident and effective members of our society.  Parents and the community are welcomed into the school, are well informed, involved and engaged in their children's learning.

EDUCATE - Inclusive, Relevant Curriculum and Pedagogy

We will use innovative, diverse and differentiated curriculum across the school to deliver evidence based instructional strategies and skills. We nurture and promote critical and creative thinkers who will meet future challenges while being respectful of self, others and their surroundings. Teachers aim to ensure that learning is relevant, inspiring and engaging; tailored to ensure every child achieves success.

DEVELOP - Beliefs for Life and Learning Environment

We strive to provide a safe and inclusive environment where students are supported to become resilient, confident and emotionally intelligent citizens.  We want our students to feel safe, cared for, and valued. Our school is welcoming, orderly, well presented and inclusive to all. 

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