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Room 9 - Year 4 & 5

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Term 3

This term our theme is ‘Sustainability’ and students have been researching environmental issues and ways to look after the environment.  In Geography we are looking at domestic and industrial waste management strategies and the increasing need for innovative solutions in today’s world. In Art we are creating sculptures from recycled materials that explore the theme of human impact on the environment. We have started a daily times tables challenge and the students are working on improving their scores every week.

Term 2

This term our theme is based around the novel ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl. We are reading the novel as a class, completing character studies and finally doing a comparative analysis of the book and the film. Room 9 students are creating Willy Wonka silhouettes in Art to tie in with our novel studies. We are writing information reports on an animal of our choosing and including details about biomes and climate which link in with our Geography lessons.

Term 1

This term we are working on establishing different roles in the classroom to create a sense of togetherness. We are practising our recount and narrative writing skills in English. In History we are researching the First Fleet and convicts and their interactions with Aboriginal Australians. We are reading Dr Seuss stories and are creating an artwork inspired by the book ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’.


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