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Room 2 - Year 1 & 2

Welcome to Room 2's webpage !

What's Been Happening in Room 2

Term 3

This term we are focusing on narrative writing.  We will be reading fiction books written by the author, Bob Graham and we will be writing our own narratives.  In Maths, we will be covering skip counting, addition, subtraction, word problems, place value, capacity, time and date.  Our theme this term is transport and we will be intergrating our art with this topic.  Room 2 will also be busy getting for their assembly.

Term 2

This term our theme is minibeasts.  This will tie in with other leaning areas such as Art and Literacy.  We will be writing character descriptions and information reports.  The children will be including interesting adjectives and adverbs in their writing.  In Maths we will be covering chance, money, time, fractions, place value, 3D shapes and capacity.

Term 1

What's been happening so far this term (February) : Room 2 have been busy getting to know each other and settling into our class.  We have been filling our buckets and our friends buckets so everyone gets along.  We have been learning about Chinese New Year and shared lots of informaton about the dragon 'Nian'.


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