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Room 11 - Year 6

Welcome to Room 11's webpage!

What's Been Happening in Room 11

Room 11 have been working very hard writing their debates which were presented Wednesday night in front of an audience of teachers, parents and friends.  

11 students from the class were invited to a children's conference last Thursday with many other schools.  They discussed our local environment in the City of Stirling and strategies for developing urban forests.  It was a great experience to see what decision making processes occur in our local council  They even got to meet the Mayor!

Another group of students from Room 11 had an excursion to the Art Gallery.  It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about different forms of art, meet people from other schools and discuss aspects of visual art with them.

In Maths, Room 11 have been learning about time.  They have interpreted many forms of timetables and timelines and converted 12 and 24 hour clocks

It has been a very busy term!

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