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Room 10 - Year 5

Welcome to Room 9 3/4 (also known as Room 10) webpage !

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Welcome to Room 10! My name is Julia Pember and I am the Year 5 teacher at Yokine Primary School. This is my fourth year teaching and I have loved every single minute of teaching career so far. I believe in making learning fun and challenging so that students are happy, lifelong learners. My teaching philosophy is guided by the central idea that students need to feel safe and secure in their learning environment in order to be able to effectively learn, grow and reach their potential. Room 10 is an extremely colourful class full of smiles, laughter, fun and of course – learning. Room 10 is a flexible seating classroom in which students move around a lot. The flexible seating includes a couch, beanbags, exercise balls, hokki stools, exercise bike, cushions, a standing table, computer chairs, swivel chairs and lap tables for working on the floor. The desks in room 10 are connected together in a way that allows students to choose where they sit each and every day and make collaboration between students easy and effective.

Room 10 has a Harry Potter theme in place for the whole of 2017. We have a door display which looks like platform 9 and ¾ and a Chamber of Secrets banner displayed outside. All of our classroom displays are Harry Potter related and we have engaged in so many different Harry Potter inspired activities. On the first day of each term, all of the students get sorted into the 4 Harry Potter houses and throughout the term they compete against each other for house points. Our daily schedule is displayed as the daily prophet and we even have a ‘muggle news’ noticeboard displayed outside the classroom.

Term 2
Term 2 was an interesting and exciting term in room 10. In History we learned about the Australian gold rush and then we were lucky enough to go on an excursion to the Perth Mint and the Perth Bell Tower. In literacy we finished our novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and completed our unit of work on this book. We then had a fun filled Harry Potter afternoon in which we watched the movie and got to enjoy a whole range of Harry Potter inspired tasty treats.

Term 3
Wow what a busy term it has been so far. In Room 10 we have continued our Harry Potter theme. We are currently reading Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. Some Harry Potter activities we have completed include; a new Lexile reading challenge that involves adding green paper chains to a basilisk snake on the wall, scale enlargements for a range of Harry Potter characters, a variety of poems using different figurative language devices about Harry Potter characters, plotting Harry Potter pictures using coordinates on the Cartesian plane and making missing person profiles for Harry Potter characters. We have been using the 6 thinking hats and the question matrix to improve our higher level thinking strategies and each week we use a new instructional strategy which is helping us with our critical thinking.

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