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PP2 - Pre Primary

Welcome to PP2's webpage !

What's Been Happening in PP2

Term 3

This term the children are learning all about things that move.  We are starting our investigation by learning about different types of transport.  The children have been painting their favourite types of land, air and water transport.  They are writing sentences using their letter and sound knowledge and reading short texts with more confidence.  We are looking forward to an exciting term of learning.

Term 2

This term the children have been learning how to write sentences using the letters and sounds they know.  They have done an amazing job giving this a go!  Well done boys and girls.  They have also started learning about the numbers 11 to 20 and learning how to add small numbers together.  They are becoming independant learners.

Term 1

This term the boys and girls in Pre Primary 2 are making new friends and have done extremely well making the transition to being at school for five days.  This term the students are learning about themselves and each other through their English, Maths, History and Health lessons as well as through their play experiences.  They are also learning a lot about pirates and ocean animals as part of our theme.  Ahoy Maties !

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