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PP1 - Pre Primary

Welcome to PP1's webpage !

What's Been Happening in PP1

The Pre-Primary 1 year is off to a flying start!  The children have embraced joining the Pre-Primary 1 train and chuffed into the world of Pre Primary very well despite some very hot, sticky weather.  PP1 have done a terrific job at picking up the routine and are quickly gaining confidence to have a go at new things and to make new friends.  The students have been engaged in lessons that involve the teaching of oral language skills, handwriting, the names and sounds of letters of the alphabet and early writing and reading skills.  In Maths we are concentrating on counting and number recognition of numbers 0 - 20 as well as counting and forming groups of objects with an understanding of one to one correspondence.  We are looking forward to a year full of fun and new learning!

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