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Yokine Primary School Class

** Upcoming Event

Music: Count Us In - The whole school will be singing a song called "Shine Together" at assembly in Week 4, Term 4 for the Music: Count Us In national event.

Click HERE to learn the words and sign language to the song.


The School of Instrumental Music (SIM) is a service offered by the Department of Education to primary and secondary Western Australian Government schools. Yokine Primary School is please to be an active member of the program, and over the years many of our students have been awarded music scholarships, and several have even gone on to make music their careers.

Under this program, specialist music teachers visit the school and provide a students with weekly lessons.

For more information about Yokine Primary School's Instrumental music click here

Music Visitors

Yokine Primary School Band was very fortunate to be able to work with Ian Berney the bass guitarist from the highly successful Perth alternative rock band, Birds of Tokyo. Ian and the Yokine musicians worked on the Birds of Tokyo song Lanterns. They performed at a special Band Assembly on May 15.

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