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About Our School

Yokine Primary Independent Public School was founded in 1959. Today, as a school community, we are proud to be building on the excellent reputation that the school has developed in that time. We have a longstanding academic tradition, focussing on supporting students’ needs academically, socially and emotionally.

Over the last four years we have seen an increase in our studetn population increasing by 60 students in 2017.  With approximately 32 different cultural backgrounds, Yokine PS embraces and celebrates its diversity. Children’s individual differences are provided for through an inclusive approach to education. As an Independent Public School, Yokine Primary is shaping the future of our children with a focus on collaborative learning, and the use of technology to augment current “best practices” in teaching and learning.

At Yokine Primary, our school community – parents, teachers and students - are true partners in the learning process. We support students to become lifelong learners; to participate, to be considerate and supportive of others, and to value the pursuit of knowledge. Our School Board and Parents & Citizens’ Association play an active and important role in our school.

Yokine Primary School: Executive Team
Principal: Helen Pynes
Associate Principal: Naomi Matthews
Curriculum Manager: Lorraine Manning
Learning Support Coordinator: Naomi Matthews

Administration Team
Manager Corporate Services: Michelle Vandenhelm
School Officers: Julia Crosweller, Claudia Barbaro
Community Officer: Shannon Davies

Teaching Staff
Kindergarten Kangaroos : Ellen Channon
Kindergarten Koalas & Possums : Louise Brewster, Suzanne Marris
PrePrimary PPY1 : Meghan Morton, Suzanne Marris
Pre Primary PPY2 : Jo Morgan, Debbie Moll, Suzanne Marris
Year 1/2 Room 2 : Alicia Carman
Year 1/2 Room 3 : Rachel Bartlett
Year 1/2 Room 4 : Elle Demasi
Year 3 Room 5 : Bernadette Lenzo, Paul Butler
Year 3 Room 7 : Heather Dexter, Hanan Hafea
Year 4 Room 8 : Jo Greenway
Year 4/5 Room 9 : Elettra Schipp, Anna Pilpel
Year 5 Room 10 : Julia Pember
Year 6 Room 11 : Lorraine Manning, Louise Gibson

Specialist Staff
Science: Hanan Hafea                                 Music: Justine Banning
EAL/D: Debbie Moll                                      LOTE (Japanese): Andrea Kurasho
STEM : Paul Butler

School of Instrumental Music (SIM)
Flute : Phil Robertson                                  Clarinet : Jacqui Edwick
Classical Guitar : Eddy Roberts

Support Staff: Special Needs Assistants
Pamela Stott                                                 Lynette Fitzpatrick
Carmel Milici                                                 Flaviana Vaz Filion
Sylvana D'Ascenzo                                       Kim Prast

General Education Assistants
Felycia Surya                                                Diane Honey
Cassandra Mune                                          Nicole Lyons
Rowena Letts                                               Jenny Phillips
Natasha Tulloch                                           Stacey Tulloch

Library Officer
Julia Crosweller

Support Staff
Grounds: Peter Dalkin
Cleaners: Janet Sukhawarawet                     Emmily De Camargo Junior

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